Don't show configure site at the end of every UPDATE
Idea shared by Neal Culiner - 3/9/2018 at 5:03 PM
I understand configure IIS site at the end of a major upgrade but each minor upgrade of SM do we really need these steps? I want to install the update as fast and friction free as possible. Please reconsider in your installer. 

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It takes seconds to click "Use the site found" and click next... I wouldnt call that "Friction".
I consider it a bug actually. You should only configure a site once. Not with every update. Touch stuff like that when you shouldn't and you're bound to mess something up.
I wouldnt say it is a bug. More than likely the installer is making sure all the IIS settings are correct etc.
I vote no bug.
I only upgrade once a month. Not an inconvenience.
Exactly. Even us, we've been updating weekly, even twice a week for critical bugs / threading problems. It doesnt take 20 minutes or something crazy, it doesnt even take 20 seconds. It is a few clicks of the mouse and done.

It also does not affect SmarterMail as SmarterMail is already starting (or started, for smaller instances).

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