Way to Detect User Activity?
Question asked by Doreen Jones - 3/9/2018 at 12:03 PM
I have a client with multiple mailboxes.  One user keeps losing their email.  The problem is further complicated by having 2 users using the same email - which I strongly suggest they change but they like having 1 email address for each office location.  
So my question is this.  Is there a way to know if that user on the other end of things is simply deleting the emails?  Nothing is showing up in the deleted items box, but the user could simply be deleting the contents of the deleted items box.  
Is there a log I can enable that would show that level of user activity?  My client suspects possible hanky-panky at the remote location or a problem with SmarterMail.
How do I prove SmarterMail is fine?  

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echoDreamz Replied
The POP / IMAP logs will show the activity, though webmail I believe you are out of luck as there is no logging as far as I know for emails deleted etc. And if there was, boy that would be one busy log :)
Doreen Jones Replied
Thank you for responding. I just got off the phone with the client and suggested he get a keyboard tracker. I agree with you - it would be a busy log.

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