Internal Spammer Notification and Spool Overview and Reports don't match, at least one is broken
Problem reported by David Sovereen - 3/9/2018 at 7:38 AM
I just received an Internal Spammer Notification:
To: support@mercury.net
From: "System Administrator"
Date: 3/9/2018 8:10:31 AM
Subject: Auto spam notification
This is an automatic spam notification message generated by mail.mercury.net
The sender sherwells@tm.net has exceeded the abuse detection rule of 200 outbound messages in 1440 minutes.
But when I look at the spool dashboard, sherwells@tm.net isn't listed as a top 10 sender, and should be if she has sent 200 messages in the last 24 hours:
To try and validate the Internal Spammer Notification email, I went into sherwells@tm.net's account and generated a Report of Outgoing Messages for 3/8/2018 on an Hourly step.  Here is a snippet:
As of 3/8 21:00, sherwells@tm.net had sent over 200 messages and an Internal Spammer Notification was sent.   The one above is a second one that was sent this morning after that account sent more emails.  The confusing part is that sherwells@tm.net does not show up on the Spool Overview Top Outbound Senders list.
I only have Exceptions Only logging enabled, so I can't prove that these emails have been sent, but my suspicion is that the Reports and Internal Spammer Notification are correct and that the Top Outbound Senders on Spool Overview is not correct.  Hopefully this can be figured out and fixed.

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Montague WebWorks Replied
Was this ever resolved? I just received the same message and don't know where to unblock the user.
Mik MullerMontague WebWorks

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