Schedule throttling on vs. off hours for all domains
Question asked by Darrin Bonikowsky - 3/5/2018 at 2:25 PM
Hi there.  The idea being knocked around is that of being able to essentially set a throttling schedule such that limits are set at one higher threshold during "on" hours and then changed to a much lower threshold for "off" hours.  This would apply to all domains.  If you're wondering "why" it would be in an attempt to limit exposure to bad things happening outside of normal support hours.
SmarterMail has confirmed that we can't do this via the UI, but mentioned that throttling has been exposed in their API but they don't have documentation for it yet.  Just wondering is anyone has tried doing such a thing and if you were successful?

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Matthew Sine Replied
I would +1 this feature.
Matthew J. Sine, General Manager8Dweb LLC
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