How to setup external Antispam filtering in SmarterMail 16x
Question asked by rick - 3/4/2018 at 1:46 PM
We have customers that use external spam & virus filtering.
1) Is it possible to disable spam & virus filtering on a per-domain basis?
2) Is it possible to only accept incoming email (to a specific domain) from certain host addresses and/or IP#? The reason for this is so that spammers don't try to circumvent the filters and send email right to the destination server instead of to the mail exchangers (MX).
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Paul Blank Replied
To the 2nd question, I lock down the incoming email at the firewall. The firewall is set to only accept incoming email - typically on port 25 - from the IP address(es)/range(s) in use by the external filtering service. In my case the service is Symantec Email, and they have about 10 address ranges from which we are set to accept email. [For outbound email, SM is setup to send all mail through an outgoing gateway.]
The firewall is a Sonicwall with "Enhanced O/S."

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