SM 16 - Is anyone using it with success?
Problem reported by Bryant Zimmerman - 3/2/2018 at 11:31 AM
Is anyone out there able to use Smarter Mail 16 without pissing off your users / customers? I just got another call that if I do not have a fix for issues by the first part of next week they will be leaving our service. This is beyond upsetting.. Feed back would be appreciated. I have called Smarter Tools several times and I get the party line.. O''' Just wait until version 17 that is the really good version. It seams no one is willing to take responsibility to getting version 16 working effectively. So how do we trust that 17 will be better my customers aren't waiting?

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viv burrows Replied
We have 00's and 00's of happy customers with SM16, using a mixture of the website eas imap etc.
Really looking forward to mapi and v17
It may be our customer mix or we are just lucky
For us SM15 was the package with which we had issues
John Marx Replied
Today our users are happy with 16. The last update I got complaints of being slow so we reverted to the previous week. I do like the updates coming out weekly even if I get an occasional problem. Users that say they want super fast which is a literal handful use Outlook 2016 with no issues.
Web each update is getting better. I am hopeful that 17 continues this pace.
Matthew Leyda Replied
Just wait until version 18 that is the really good version
Kendra Support
Junk Email filtered ISP
Scarab Replied
We had a huge problem when SM16 first went Live (definitely the messiest SM upgrade we've done...beating out the v7 to v8 upgrade by a mile) and still have a lingering issue with Incoming SmarterMail Gateways, but other than that most major issues we and/or our customers have experienced have been fixed and resolved long ago. The rapid weekly patch cycle has helped quickly alleviate most ailing issues (I really hope they keep their rapid development cycle going forward).
TBH, our customers hated the web-interface initially (as did I) but as time went on the majority have had the interface grow on them with only one or two out of thousands stating their continued displeasure.
There are still little things here and there, like with Outlook 2016 (which is a Microsoft issue rather than SmarterTools and pertains to all versions of SmarterMail), and webmail customers having to flush their browser cache after every minor update (our customers now think that CTRL+F5 is a secret magical solution for everything), but those are the only two problems off-hand that we have been experiencing (besides the aforementioned issue with Incoming SmarterMail Gateways) that haven't been remedied in the weekly minor updates.
Gabriele Maoret Replied
We are very happy with v.16. All our customers has no issue.
Nicolas Fertig Replied
A few glitches that generated a lot of customer reports on our side.
We submitted some bug reports that have been fixed quite quickly until now.
Some issues remains, we hope that they will get fixed anytime soon.
Our main feeling is that SM16 is still in beta... Would be such a great product without these issues.
We keep the faith !


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