SM 16 - Failing to include content in replies and forwards.
Problem reported by Bryant Zimmerman - March 2, 2018 at 11:25 AM
We have numerous reports of SM 16 randomly failing to include the original message content in replies and forwarded messages. At this point we can point to running with preview pane shut off and the reply messages are in separate popup windows.  The user selects reply or forward and the original content is gone and the outbound message does not get the content.  This is random and does not occur on every message. We have reproduced it in edge, firefox and chrome. Often closing the message and reopening several times will allow it to trigger in.    Many times if the message has the show remote content displayed the user will experience the issue until they close the message and re-open it.   This however is not always the case as it happens with messages that does not have remote content. ....
Customers are very frustrated and upset. As am I it plagues me and makes the webmail very unreliable for me to us. 

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