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Question asked by Adam De Lay - 3/2/2018 at 7:00 AM
We're investigating putting the SmarterTrack chat on our customer's support pages (several thousand domains) and I'm trying to figure out how to automatically pass the current page into the chat automatically so the agent knows where the chat is coming from (Similar to the Who's On Feature).  It would also be nice to be able to pass in the customer's login information (username and email) so that the customer doesn't have to enter it in a second time after logging into the support page.
Has anyone been able to do this?
I know it's possible to create custom fields, but they don't auto-populate.  Someone has to manually enter the data and I'm trying to make things more efficient for both the customer and the agent.

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Andrew Barker Replied
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These capabilities are not currently supported for embedded chat. The default chat template does include auto-populated username and email fields, but they will only work when initiating the chat from the portal. We are currently discussing adding the location capability that you described.

Andrew Barker
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Adam De Lay Replied
Thank you very much. I hope they get implemented soon. Right now customers log into our control panel, then if they want to chat they have to enter the same information again into the chat window, then because we have so many customers, we either have to ask them to enter their domain name in or we have to ask them what their domain name is. Seems like it should be fairly simple to add hooks to allow any data you want to be passed into the chat interface.

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