Migrate Domains from SM v12 to v16
Question asked by Paul R - February 24, 2018 at 6:50 PM
We're running SM 12.4 on an old x32 server.  It has a lot of custom user and domain settings-- literallyyears of tweaks and quota overrides for nearly a thousand users-- which is why we've been dragging our feet on the upgrade.
New x64 server has been built and SM 16 installed.
Old server doesn't meet system requirements for v.16, so we cannot upgrade the old server to v.16 first, then copy the domain folders to the new server.  Not an option.
Short of manually creating each and every domain, user, and individual setting-- is there ANY way to migrate these domains, users, and settings in an automated way?  

For example, can we package up the entire MyDOMAIN.COM folder on the old server, along with all users and settings, copy it to the .16 server (maybe edit an XML file or two), restart the SM service and it will magically "find" all of it?
I've read the KB articles about migrating servers, but they were both running the same version of SM.  Not our case here.
Advice.... please!  Thanks in advance.

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We just migrated a SM6 server on windows 2003 to the latest on Windows 2016. Upgrade your SM12 to the latest version of 12 if its not already. Uninstall SM16 on your new server and install SM12. Use robocopy to sync everything over, then upgrade to SM16.

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