Mail sync'd pushed to the mail server
Problem reported by Steve Guluk - 2/22/2018 at 2:17 PM
I have a 3 meg limit on one of our Domains/Customers.
They noted that last night they stopped getting emails. Further review shows they now have 9 megs of email on the server and the mailbox full alert is going out. 

Not one large mail is in place but rather loads of emails dating back to 2011. It looks like some change on the clients end "pushed" their local emails back to the server extending their space allocation beyond the set limits.

Bug or know issue? I have version 16.3 Enterprise btw.

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Steve, was this account set up as IMAP or EAS?
Steve Guluk Replied
Customers get to choose but I only offer instructions on POP and IMAP so I am leaning towards IMAP as it works in a Syncing type methodology.

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