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Problem reported by Stephen Evans - 2/13/2018 at 1:41 AM
Hi All.
We've recently upgraded to SM16 and when using IE11 which supported I'm still seeing the Browser Not Supported Splash screen.  I don't tent to use IE for anything other than testing but I've tried resetting all the default, adding our SM server to safe senders list etc, but it still reports that it's not supported.  Does anyone have any bright ideas?  I did a search of the forum but turned up a blank.
Many thanks

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Hello Stephen,
Make sure that you don't have compatibility mode set in IE. In IE go to the tools dropdown in the top-right, open Compatibility View Settings, and make sure Smartermail is not in the list. Also note that display intranet sites in Compatibility View is on by default, so if you are connecting to a intranet site this needs to be turned off.
Stephen Evans Replied
Thanks Matthew.

Sorted, it wasn't in the compatibility sections but their was an wildcard entry under intranet sites for the parent domain, removed this and all is working as expected.

Many thanks.

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