Is there anything in the API to rebuild all the users(200) in a domain?
Question asked by jktieman - 1/26/2018 at 11:12 AM
I believe a low disk space condition has caused some of the accounts to become corrupted.  I was wondering if there was something already written or I could write something using the API, that would "Rebuild Folder" on each account.  I say that because when I do that for someone now manually, it fixes the problem.

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Larry Duran Replied
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Hello jktieman, we don't have that functionality built into the API today that will directly rebuild a user's folders.  I'm not sure the extent of the corruption but you can try to backup your user's folders and see if exporting them to CSV then importing them from that CSV fixes the problem for you.  Since I don't know the extent of the corruption I'm just tossing out an idea to see if this might help.
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