Events - Uses only main email address, not alias?
Problem reported by Merle Wait - 1/17/2018 at 7:09 AM
We are starting to use events, to "text" notifications on certain emails being received.
We notice that the events do fire as expected...
Under a user, that has 2 alias domains.. the event forces the email address or user email of the primary domain.
(so  user@primarydomain.com) ...  If we set up an event, to do an SMS email to wherever for  
user@primarydomain.com,  if the email comes in as user@alias.com)    Is there something else that we should set up??
This is in SM15.x

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Merle Wait Replied
for what is worth.. I have confirmed by doing my own testing.. that this is a bug in SM15.x
Is fixed in SM16?
Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're doing...are you setting the action for your event to send an email to more than one address -- the primary domain address as well as the alias.com address? Have you tried using a standard alias on the primary domain that includes the addresses you want to send to? E.g., Have the event action send an email to SMS_Text@primarydomain.com, which has both the user@primarydomain.com and user@alias.com addresses as part of it? 
Derek Curtis
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Merle Wait Replied
so i have domain  abc.net, and an alias of xyz.com, and email address of ibi
so when I receive an email at ibi@abc.net, the even fires the event and  I  receive the text and everything is great.
When I receive an email at ibi@xyz,com,  it doesn't fire.
Also noticed the events don't let you do just an alias  either...but apparently, not a big desire by the SM base.. so just me :)

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