Events - Uses only main email address, not alias?
Problem reported by Merle Wait - 1/17/2018 at 7:09 AM
We are starting to use events, to "text" notifications on certain emails being received.
We notice that the events do fire as expected...
Under a user, that has 2 alias domains.. the event forces the email address or user email of the primary domain.
(so ...  If we set up an event, to do an SMS email to wherever for,  if the email comes in as    Is there something else that we should set up??
This is in SM15.x

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Merle Wait Replied
for what is worth.. I have confirmed by doing my own testing.. that this is a bug in SM15.x
Is fixed in SM16?
Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're doing...are you setting the action for your event to send an email to more than one address -- the primary domain address as well as the address? Have you tried using a standard alias on the primary domain that includes the addresses you want to send to? E.g., Have the event action send an email to, which has both the and addresses as part of it? 
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Merle Wait Replied
so i have domain, and an alias of, and email address of ibi
so when I receive an email at, the even fires the event and  I  receive the text and everything is great.
When I receive an email at ibi@xyz,com,  it doesn't fire.
Also noticed the events don't let you do just an alias  either...but apparently, not a big desire by the SM base.. so just me :)

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