Sync Shared Calendars in Apple Calendar
Question asked by Carlos Sosa - 1/15/2018 at 8:23 AM
Is there a way to Sync Shared Calendar on Apple Calendar.
I was able to setup my calendar in Apple Calendar using WebDAV. However the shared calendars that I have mapped in my calendar are not showing in Apple Calendar.
I'm Using Smartermail 16.x Enterprise Edition

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Employee Replied
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SmarterMail's implementation of CalDAV does not currently support shared calendars.
Carlos Sosa Replied
It would be great to add this functionality in a future update.
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Employee Post
In SM 17.x we are looking into adding syncing for shared calendars.
Liviu Andronic Replied
Hi Robert,
With the actual version (to this date 10.7.2019) Is it possibile to sync a shared calendar? And if yes, how?
Thank you!
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Jaime Alvarez Replied
And 2 years later... I think we still dont have CalDAV for shared calendars... do we Smartertools?

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