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Idea shared by Jay Altemoos - 1/3/2018 at 12:11 PM
Under Consideration
Any possibility of adding a feature to the spool section to manually bounce an email if need be? The reason I ask is because there have been times our users misspell an email address or domain name, then email hangs around in our spool for days because we attempt email delivery for 4.5 days. We do have a notification set to send the user a notification that an email was delayed after 3 attempts. The issue I have is some users ignore the notification and then have no idea the email was never delivered until 4.5 days later. I realize it's the way we have this setup on our system, but having the ability to right-click an email in the spool and being able to bounce the email back would be helpful. Not sure if others would see benefit to this or not.
A previous mail server software we used in the past had this feature and while we didn't use it that often, when we had to use it,  it was quite handy.

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Robert Emmett Replied
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I have added this feature request into our backlog for future discussion and consideration by the development team.
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