Change "SmarterMail 16.x" title in browser
Question asked by Ton Trommelen - 12/20/2017 at 4:29 AM
Whenever I open my webmail page the title in the browser is "SmarterMail 16.x".
How can I change this?

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Von-Austin See Replied
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At this time, I do not believe the title is customizable. When you're signed in as an end user, the title will change to reflect the user that is signed in.
I've submitted a feature request on your behalf to our SmarterMail development team so they can consider this feature further. 
Von See Technical Support Supervisor SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Andrew Soncha Jr. Replied
The way you customize it is as follows for 16.x
modify MRS/Interface/output/site.js    Search for the string pageTitle?t.pageTitle: in the minified JS and change the string that follows in quotes.  The default is set to "SmarterMail 16.x" so change that string to "My Awesome Email Name" of your choice.  This change applies to login, and super admin pages.  Do the same for modify MRS/Interface/output/meeting-workspace.js and setup-wizard.js    That should replace any instance of where "SmarterMail 16.x" is displayed in the browser tab.
When users login, their email is in the tab.  Note that these files will be overwritten with any updates and the changes will have to be reapplied.  Same goes for overwriting the generic favicon.
Ultimately, these should be fields for SuperAdmin to fill in as configurable values.

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