Content Filtering Settings Disappeared over night - what might have happened
Question asked by Michael Robinson - 12/13/2017 at 9:50 AM
I had several content filters set up and they were working beautifully.  
Spent the last 2 weeks setting them up - since I bought Smartermail
The amount of spam that was getting through dropped by a huge amount.
This morning I noticed the spam coming through again.
Then I looked for the content filters and they were all gone?
Any idea what might have happened?  I spent days on those filters.

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network admin Replied
Sounds remarkably like the IDS Filters that disappear anytime the mail service is reset or the host reboots.  Which is the problem I am dealing with.  
Michael Robinson Replied
My server rebooted after a Microsoft Update. Shortly before my filters disapeared.

But why would that wipe out settings in SmarterMail?
network admin Replied
That certainly is the same question I have been asking myself. One other symptom I have is that no changes made to the mailConfig.xml file are accepted.
Matt Petty Replied
Employee Post
Any changes made to mailConfig.xml need to be made while the service is shutdown. Other cases where mailConfig (or domainConfig or userConfig) changes may not take affect.
-An exception occured during loading of the mailConfig (load the _bak)
-(new in 16) If a syntax error is detected, _bak is used.

Bad changes or corruption can cause the above to take place. Otherwise any changes made while it running will just get overwritten with what SM has in memory.
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network admin Replied
Well Yes. The example of what I am dealing with is that when I STOP the mail service. Stop the APP pool and the website. Edit and change the mailConfig file and then restart everything it still does not recognize or accept the changes. Also it makes my IDS ruleset disappear.
echoDreamz Replied
We had one of our larger customers report this after we did the 6551 update. Said they were there about an hour before the update as he added a few more. Logged in the morning after we did the update and it was all gone.

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