File upload permission at team wordspaces
Idea shared by Joe Joe - December 11, 2017 at 8:26 PM
with my testing,
when i set it as Authenticated Users for File upload permission,
i know Authenticated Users can upload files,
and he can delete he uploaded file,
it may be fine.
but i find it can also delete other people uploaded files,
is it normal ?im not sure if it is bug or normal operation ?
im not sure if you can make some features
1.  a permission matrix for organizer to set,for instace:
                       upload   delete
organizer            o            o
auth. users          o            x
everyone             x            x
2.  about the upload file name,you may add a random name attached with it,
by the way,many people can upload the same files name,
for instance,peter upload upload 123.gif, it will be rename as 123(4398934).gif
 and mary upload 123.gif and it will be rename as 123(6392844).gif,
by the way,people do not need worry upload the same file name and replace other upload files.

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