Proposing different type of Domain Administrator
Idea shared by Michael Gralke Augusto - 12/8/2017 at 12:19 PM
We provide a full service to our SM clients: Setup, Hosting, Maintenance, Training, Support etc..
None of our clients are domain administrators since we do all the work for them and they do not wish to bothered with technical stuff anyhow.
Our clients (domains) range from a single user up to 20 users.
Meaning that for every domain we use at least one account to administrate that domain.
We therefore believe that 15-20% of our accounts are wasted on this.
Meaning that we pay 3 times (1X SmarterMail, 2X Cyren) for accounts which are actually dormant and only used once in awhile when a client needs a new account or some account updates.
I believe that there are many other SM Global Administrators out there are facing the same (pricey) issue and therefore suggest that an Domain Administrators should have a simplified interface as Global Administrators have and should not be counted as Accounts.

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I would like to ditto this. In a shared hosting environment where we setup the domains from various hosting platforms, then use the API (don't get me started on that...) We can easily have 500 domains, and with 1 postmaster/admin account per domain, that is a MASSIVE waste of accounts that count toward totals.

If there was logic to make sure a postmaster/domainadmin (for us postmaster is used) did not count toward these totals, that would allow us to allocate financial resources elsewhere.

I realize for companies that use a single SM install for only a few domains, this may seem unnecessary, but, in a shared hosting environment where there are hundreds to thousands of domains, this is important.
Matthew J. Sine, General Manager8Dweb LLC "Making the Web a Happy Place"
Also for those of us with shared hosting environments it would be great to have these "administrative" domain admins able to manage multiple domains. As it stands now we have some customers that have to jump between accounts to manage all of their domains.

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