Compose email problem SmarterMail 16.3
Problem reported by Kary Sarafov - 12/8/2017 at 6:07 AM
When I compose an email and add the signature, the system has been clearing my email (not sending and deleting). It doesn´t do it all the time but enough to be a problem and annoying.
Also when I ´reply´to an email, it opens a ´pop out´box, makes me sign in again and I have to reply from the pop out box. (Whilst this happens the original email screen is in view in the background) I then have to close the pop out box and return to the original screen.
When I click on the inbox or envelope at the top after being away from the screen for a bit, it doesn´t refresh so I have to click away from mail /say accounts folder) and click back in again.

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We use the browser's local storage to save off the credentials which the pop out window then uses to authenticate. If there is an issue with the local storage either being blocked or preventing it from saving, the popup window would require you to log in.  Which browser and OS are you using?  Can you open the browser console window and look at the Application tab (in Chrome) under both local storage see if there is a claims token?
Kary Sarafov Replied
Hi, Here is the information Smarter mail were looking for as well as details on browser 
Barbara Renowden Replied
I have a client that has the exact same issue that I have an open ticket on. They have been complaining for over a month on this.

Barbara Renowden President / Co-Founder Centric Web, Inc. https://www.centricweb.com

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