Outgoing Bounced message
Problem reported by Manuel - November 26, 2014 at 3:26 AM
I have SmarterMail Enterprise 12.3

My Exchange Server download e-mail with pop3 connector from SmarterMail Server.
When e-mail is rejected by Exchange, this send a non delivery e-mail to SmarterMail Server and this to sender.
For unknown reason, SmarterMail not delivery this e-mail (only this email) to sender.
This is the logs:
[2014.11.26] 10:23:57 [x.x.x.x][33257002] rsp: 235 Authentication successful
[2014.11.26] 10:23:57 [x.x.x.x][33257002] Authenticated as example@example.com
[2014.11.26] 10:23:57 [x.x.x.x][33257002] cmd: MAIL FROM: <receipt@example.com>
[2014.11.26] 10:23:57 [x.x.x.x][33257002] rsp: 250 OK <receipt@example.com> Sender ok
[2014.11.26] 10:23:57 [x.x.x.x][33257002] cmd: RCPT TO: <sender@example.com>
[2014.11.26] 10:23:57 [x.x.x.x][33257002] rsp: 250 OK <sender@example.com> Recipient ok
[2014.11.26] 10:23:57 [x.x.x.x][33257002] cmd: DATA
[2014.11.26] 10:23:57 [x.x.x.x][33257002] rsp: 354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
[2014.11.26] 10:23:59 [x.x.x.x][33257002] rsp: 250 OK
[2014.11.26] 10:23:59 [x.x.x.x][33257002] Data transfer succeeded, writing mail to 36863688.eml
[2014.11.26] 10:23:59 [x.x.x.x][33257002] cmd: QUIT
[2014.11.26] 10:23:59 [x.x.x.x][33257002] rsp: 221 Service closing transmission channel
[2014.11.26] 10:23:59 [x.x.x.x][33257002] disconnected at 26/11/2014 10:23:59

[2014.11.26] 10:23:58 [63688] Delivery started for receipt@example.com at 10:23:58
[2014.11.26] 10:24:01 [63688] Bounce email written to 36863691.eml
[2014.11.26] 10:24:01 [63688] Delivery for receipt@example.com to sender@example.com has completed (Bounced)
[2014.11.26] 10:24:04 [63688] Delivery finished for receipt@example.com at 10:24:04    [id:36863688]
Because message is bounced ??
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Yad Rashid Replied
I have the very same problem , but I couldn't find a solution !!!
have you solved it ?
Thanks for your reply
Andrea Rogers Replied
Employee Post
Hey Yad!
Thanks for providing the log snippet. Two questions for you:
  • When you searched in your logs, did you have "Display related traffic" checked? This will provide you the entire SMTP session when checked.
  • Also, are your logs set to Detailed? 
I look forward to hearing back from you. In the meantime, feel free to check out our blog post for more information on Tracing Messages for an Email Account in SmarterMail.
I hope this helps!

Andrea Rogers
Communications Specialist
SmarterTools Inc.


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