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Idea shared by Richard Frank - December 7, 2017 at 5:28 AM
Another thing customers of mine miss
one can create multiple signatures and select one of them in a new message. 
you can not edit the signature like in v15 after it's added to the new mail
​some customers use the signatures to add default replies where they only have to edit the name or project or whatever the mail is about.. but Signatures can't be edited after it's inserted/selected. 
​why not? it's only text.
​so please make it editable, like in v15. it's loss of function.

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I noticed this too.
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello Richard,
There is a lock button in the editor bar that lets you lock/unlock the ability to edit the signature.
thanks.. de lock icon is for the signature.. I never would have found that.
can it be a user setting to have it default locked or unlocked?

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