Outgoing Messages per Hour 1000 (0 = Unlimited)
Problem reported by Joe Joe - 12/2/2017 at 7:17 AM
Not A Problem
i set it as default "Outgoing Messages per Hour 1000 (0 = Unlimited)"  at admin area,
but the domain level can still modify it as much bigger,such as 1000000,
is it normal ?
and is any way that i can disable domain level to modify those setting,
such as "Outgoing Messages per Hour 1000 (0 = Unlimited)" , "Mailbox Size Limit"...etc ?

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From what I can tell this is normal, domains can only change throttling on a per user and per mailing list basis. Neither of these throttling settings should override the system throttling settings.
Joe Joe Replied
1. if system throttling settings is the max value,
i think when domain level enter bigger than it,
system will pop error/warming and ask domain re-type a lower value when saving,
or domain level may ask why his value is big enough but reaching the throttling ?
2. if it possible smartermail design a "feature manage" for system admin?
by the way,system admin can enable/disable certain feature for domain or end user to modify it,or not,
because i make some testing:
 * for instance,the "Outgoing Messages per Hour",admin may hope it to be 1000 for the domain or entire server,
when domain level can still view the setting and modify it,
it will make admin need extra time to handle it,
in order to avoid it,system admin can disable the feature/setting for domain level to find it,
of course,if system still hope to let domain level to view or modify it,
system admin can leave it as default(enabling).
* admin do not want to let domain or end user to change the "Folder Auto-Clean" setting,
but at domain level,they can still find the option at navbor.
i think if there is a feature manage panel,
system admin can disable it,
by the way,domain level and/or end user will not know it and think how to modify it.

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