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Question asked by Rod Strumbel - December 1, 2017 at 12:47 PM
Am evaluating SM for possible implementation into our small ISP.
So running latest greatest build from last night 16.3.6543 on Windows Server 2016
Have run into an issue during my evaluation where one domain (on a different server) whenever they try and send mail to my SM device, they almost instantly get a response "No such user here".
The mailbox DOES exist they are trying to send to, and if I send to it from a different domain (on yet a different server) the mail goes right through without an issue.
Just looking for things I can check with the one failing domain.
Has to be something missing in configuration of the server itself or in the sending domains DNS, but not sure what all things SM is looking for that could produce the "No such user here" message.
Thanks for any insight!


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Not sure if you found a solution, here are a few things I now check for weird issues:
Check the domain properties and verify the directory exists, ran into this when I forgot to unlock a drive
Check your MX record
There is an XML record, forget the name, I am afraid to touch it, but it points each domain to a folder.  If you move a directory you need to modify this file.
Ok, I'm apparently an idiot...
I had by DNS zone setup so that the MX record was directly referencing an IP instead of referencing an A/Host record that then in turn references the IP you want.  This setup works just fine in Microsoft DNS, but when BIND tries to interpret it all hell breaks loose apparently.
Switched to the "standard" method of defining the MX record in the DNS zone and now the domain that couldn't access my server, can just fine.
Just including that info so that some other poor soul doesn't get trapped in the "but it works from my Microsoft DNS maintained domains".  Sigh...

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