How can solve this issue in SM16x on Chrome browser? SM16x takes too much time to load....after Update Nov. 9th 2017
Question asked by Pascale Guilbault - December 1, 2017 at 12:32 PM
we use SM16x in our office and some of the users use Chrome as browser to check their email. And since the update release on Nov. 9th 2017, we have detected some incorrect behavior of SM16x.
For example: it becomes very slow, it takes a lot of time to load the Inbox Mail, and when we try to navigate to the last email in the bottom of the mail folder, it take too much time; that's mean SM16x becomes too slow when you load it, since the Nov. 9th 2017  release.
How can you help me !!!
P/S: i take some screenshot to see what happend when we load SM16x.
Thank you !

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If you are experiencing a span longer than a few seconds on initial load of the Inbox you may want to try doing a CTRL+F5 in Chrome to clear out the local cache your browser is keeping, especially after an update.
For Inboxes with a reasonable amount of messages (less than 15+ GB) if scrolling to the bottom hangs and never loads it is suggested to run the Rebuild Folder function. You can do this from your system admin panel under MANAGE > DOMAINS > [...] > REBUILD FOLDER. Enter the user's email address and for the Folder Path enter the name of the folder (in most instances this will be Inbox or Boîte de Réception). Once the folder has been rebuilt it should load significantly quicker, even when scrolling to the last message.

Hopefully one or both of those will remedy the problem you are experiencing.
I try many times to rebuild the inbox, but smartermail still doing the same thing as i describe on my previous post. 
Anyone has another answer for this issue? thank you for your help!

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