Minor v16.3.6543 Issues
Problem reported by Scarab - 12/1/2017 at 12:05 PM
After upgrading to v16.3.6543 last night I immediately noticed two minor issues:
1. When a message is "Mark As Spam" there is no refresh of the Inbox and message is not immediately removed. If you change views to another folder or do another action that does refresh (i.e. "DELETE" a message) then it then finally shows as moved to the Junk E-Mail folder.
2. What happened to Greylisting? Does it no longer function on Incoming Gateways? We went from several thousand blocks per day to 1 block since the update. That doesn't seem to be W.A.I. unless I missed something in the Patch Notes (last mention was a change at the beginning of October which we've had installed previously).
On a separate note: Including the From: instead of just the Reply-To: in Anti-Spam checks in 16.3.6543 has decreased incoming Spam significantly. It's too soon to be able to quantify it with an actual % but it is noticeably improved. Thank you!

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Scarab Replied
BTW, also got an installation error on one of the three servers I installed on:

"Unable to create \Smartermail\MRS\Interface\Output"

Sure enough, that folder already existed even after removing the previous version of Smartermail and I did not have privileges to access after the uinstall of the previous version as they were now set to SYSTEM. I couldn't even take ownership of the folder as the Domain Admin. Double-checked to make sure that both the Site & AppPool were stopped in IIS. Rebooting the system cleared the folder and I was able to resume installation again. IIS must have been holding on to that folder for some reason (it may be important to note that we don't do an "IISRESET /STOP" any longer as it can cause corruption in IIS 7.0 & higher, as per Microsoft's warning to no longer use this cmd. We only use "appcmd stop apppool /apppool.name: Smartermail" and if that isn't enough a "net stop WAS /Y"). Still, despite not seeing that installation error before it was pretty easy to realize that a Reboot was probably all that was needed, although non-I.T. personnel might be stumped by the installation error.

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