Make Advanced Search button more visible and in a more prominent position
Idea shared by Service Desk - 11/29/2017 at 7:17 PM

Make Advanced Search button more visible and in a more prominent position

Hi team,

Since the update...the Advanced Search seems to get lost in the side menu of the ticketing portal compared to where it was previously.

Advanced Search is used quite often and should be a button that you can simply dive on, not have to be careful where you select your mouse.

At the least the Advanced search button should be a stationary button at the very bottom of the left menu so it can be quickly clicked and not moving around based on the tree the user has expanded.


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ServiceDesk - I agree that it needs to be more prominent, however top-left might be easier for people to see/find.
Another thought is that you can probably move it to your desired location, and style it more prominently, using local CSS styles.
The below will move to top left and change text color to red. Downside of making all these hacks to the CSS is that for each upgrade you will need to reapply them.
#ctl00_ctl08_ctl01 .treemenu #ctl00_ctl08_treeView_htv13 div a span {
    color: red;
#ctl00_ctl08_ctl01 .treemenu #ctl00_ctl08_treeView_htv13 {
    position: absolute;
    top: 1%;
#ctl00_ctl08_treeView {
    margin-top: 8%;
Edit: changed selector to avoid moving items from tree in other pages.
Excellent Craig - Another alternative is to use Stylish which will mitigate the need to reapply styles with each upgrade, as they are applied in the browser.
Andrew Barker Replied
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We will be taking this under consideration for a possible future version release.
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