Manual Install Smartertrack in IIS 10
Question asked by James Jenkins - November 22, 2017 at 1:17 PM
I've been installing SmarterTrack repetitively on a VM for a couple of weeks using the installer. It mostly fails unless I create a new site. Performing it manually always fails. Using the old article "Setup SmarterTrack as an IIS site in IIS 8" does not work. Ignoring that some of the steps necessary to install the necessary IIS components and configure the Application Pool have changed, once configured the page does not load.
Can Smartertools update this article for IIS 10 please?
Also, can SmarterTrack be installed as an additional application on an existing site. This worked fine with SmarterTrack v12 but always fails with v13. Technically, I think it worked fine with v12 when manually installed.

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