Remember my custom install folder between installs
Idea shared by Michael Woffenden - November 19, 2017 at 8:27 AM
I use a custom install folder, which I must enter manually on every upgrade.  It would be great if the installer would remember my custom install folder between installs.

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+1 for this.
Also - fix the huge delay (3-6 minutes) caused in the "configuring Windows features" step of the installer.  This happens both during the install and uninstall process.  I'd suggest having an option in the uninstall process that leaves the configured Windows features alone rather than trying to remove them each time, so that a subsequent install immediately thereafter didn't need to re-configure the Windows features every time.  Since the uninstall is part of the official upgrade process, there should be two versions of the uninstall: 1) Uninstall forever (not going to reinstall), or 2) Uninstall for upgrade (leave most things intact).
Thanks for your comments, Shaun and for the vote!
My IIS setup only takes a minute, but an option during install to skip this would be great.
Come to think of it, why not bundle the uninstall with the install?  That would make things even easier.

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