Can't save account password on Android phone
Problem reported by Eric Bar-Chen - 11/26/2014 at 2:44 AM
I have used Smartermail on my Samsung S3 mini smartphone for some time now with no problems. My password was automatically saved and when I went to webmail......./mobile it automatically opened the sign in page with my password already there, and all I had to do was select the "login" button.
I recently changed the password to my account and tried to change on the phone also, but it always reverted to the old password even though the home page was set to "remember me" after I entered the new password.
I tried to get round this problem and erased all passwords from my phone (aswell as all saved data and cookies) and then signed in again. Now, even though the phone is set to remember passwords, the sign in page to Smartermail will not remember my password and I have to enter it manually every time.
I recheked the phone settings, and it is set to remember web passwords, and the home page is set to "remember me", but it won't.
Any suggestions?

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Steve Reid Replied
Have you tried via Chrome?
Eric Bar-Chen Replied
Thanks. That works!
I have Chrome on my phone but have never used it before, as the built in browser on the phone supplies all my usual requirements. However this time Chrome seems to be better equipped. I now added a shortcut on my home screen direct to my inbox via Chrome and everything is back to normal.
Appreciate your assistance.

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