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Question asked by Michael Gralke Augusto - 11/16/2017 at 3:42 AM
Hi everybody
We have been using all of SmarterTools products for a long time now, mostly SmarterMail. 
Thing is that we are in the process in setting up new, additional servers for new clients and are, unfortunately, facing the dilemma in deciding which versions of SmarterMail and SmarterTrack we should use.
On one side we have SM15 & SM12 which are mature and fast, on the other side we have SM16 and SM13 which are newer versions with more features, but slow and buggy!
Then we have the problem with SmarterStats which currently is, IMHO, a dead fish in the water: Only a few updates over the last 2 years, old interface, SEO is useless, SiteTuning useless without Filters.
An additional issue that we might have is that some of our clients are using all 3 products and we do not wish to confuse them with different interfaces when they know that all 3 products are coming from the same supplier!     
I really would appreciate any feedback from the community, many thanks,

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