missing email email not syncing
Problem reported by Todd Graf - November 2, 2017 at 9:09 AM
We recent moved a customer to SmarterMail from a hosted Exchange provider.  We imported the email and most things appeared to be OK or fixable.   I have one issue that I am still working on.  We are using SM15.5, the client has a Widows 7 desktop and a Windows 10 Surface.  Both computer are running Outlook 16.  On the desktop, all email is showing up.  It took some work, but I got it all there.  On the surface; however, 5 emails do not show.  All the emails have large attachments 35 MB+.  The emails show in the WebUI, but not on the Surface.  We do have a 30MB limit for email set in Smartermail.  Why are the emails showing on one device, but no the other?  How can I correct this problem?

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