Another user is already logged in on this browser with 'Remember Me' enabled.
Problem reported by John Kisha - October 26, 2017 at 12:41 PM
I had a client that just reported that when going to our SmarterMail server via her browser this message always appears "Another user is already logged in on this browser with 'Remember Me' enabled", even though no other account is ever used on that computer.  I checked and saw that was an issue two versions ago that had supposedly been corrected.
I tried to duplicate the issue and the same thing happened to me when I tested. (SM v16.3.6496).
Additionally, after being logged in, I was not able to log out. I just get a blank white page with the black menu bar at the top. Interesting that when you try to click on any of the links in that menu bar, a red "ERROR_HAS_OCCURRED" error shows in the bottom right corner.
What might be going on here?

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I just got report from one of our users of this. I would be interested to see what the official response to this is....
Here to, we have tickets regularly for this. Usually having the client clear cookies fixes it.


Same problem here. Been having this since the upgrade on 16.x and has not been resolved. I just installed the latest version today to no avail.
When you get back to the login page and click remember me they need to clear the local storage which will persist even with clearing the browser cache.
In IE/Edge you can open the SM site then hit F12 for dev tools enter the following into console

Press enter it will respond with 'undefined' but it will clear the local app storage
​Enter your login info and click remember me like normal it should allow login and remember your details again
Just a logic issue and should be simple enough for ST to fix
Another user is already logged in with 'Remember Me' enabled.
+1 Here I have customers reporting this issue on all browsers on Windows, 3 different browsers for several Linux desktop users and a MAC user is now complaining about the issue. 
I got this now too. Hello ST!!! What's the fix and why is this even here? Remove this scenario or give admins an option to turn it off with OFF as the default. This is a BLOCKER.
And 6 months later and no response? 
This Remember me functionality is awful!!!! 
ST team, please fix it!

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