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Question asked by self taught - October 23, 2017 at 6:33 AM
Hi: I'm testing Chrome as my default browser after using Firefox forever and ever. Fonts are overall much smaller in Chrome. I have the Zoom Page WE extension and have had success with most of my pinned tabs that are open every day.
However, with right side preview pane in SmarterMail in webmail version (I don't want to use desktop client) I can't get a decent font size to read incoming or sent mail, or when composing mail (recipient will see 14 size font as that's what I've selected in options). It's ridiculous how small it is. It wasn't like this in Firefox. With the same Zoom Page extension I was able to get all columns to line up and comfortably read all my mail.
Now it's either super small font in preview, sent folder or while composing, or a seriously misaligned webmail experience if I try to increase font size too much. And it makes no difference if the extension is set to Full or Text.
My version of SM is provided by my host and it's SmarterMail Enterprise 15.7. Surely there's a solution...

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My version is 15.7 Enterprise provided by my host. My host seems to upgrade regularly. I only recently switched to Chrome so I don't know how long this has been happening. I'm not a SmarterMail customer as such. In fact, since I created an account to post here, SmarterTools began sending me sale emails! Not happy about that. Also not happy that no one else, especially a SmarterTools person has responded. 

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