SM16.3.6496 Mail Archive Search can't view email but able to download it
Problem reported by Juan Lai - October 18, 2017 at 9:16 AM
  Is there anyone has the same issue as me once search email from Mail Archive?
  Once the search result show. If I click any email to view the content. SM16 will always
tell me this email is no longer exist. But if I select to download it, then I can get this email.
  I am using the latest SM 16.3.6496 under Windows Server 2016.
  Thank you
Juan Lai

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Andrea Rogers Replied
Employee Post
Hello Juan,
I'm not able to replicate that behavior... Using SmarterMail 16.3.6496 on Windows Server 2016, I can view and download the Archive Search Results as expected. Are you performing your search at the System Administrator level or as a Domain Administrator? 
Andrea Rogers 
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