imap multiple users multiple map names
Question asked by Richard Frank - 10/16/2017 at 7:42 AM
I have a company using imap connections and some of the users work in one mailbox
some of them see multiple deleted items, multiple sent items maps et cetera.
how to repair/prevent this?

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Richard Frank Replied
I read on 
that it isn't possible to select a special folder in Outlook for sent items, deleted items etc.
Outlook should see the folders on the server that are used for deleted items, concepts etc.
but the clients are all making their own set of special folders
when logging into the webmail you'll see multiple sent item folders deleted items folders etc.
Richard Frank Replied
there is also an issue when a user logs in on the webmail with other language settings
then there are folders made with the inbox name in that language
creating more multiple folders
exchange active sync isn't an option because that is for mail folders <5GB

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