Outgoing email not being logged to moved to sent folder - SM ENT 16.3.6474
Problem reported by Brian Tesene - October 10, 2017 at 11:41 AM
SM ENT 16.3.6474
I had a user report that some of the messages she sent did not find their way to the sent folder in her account. The messages were sent from within the webmail to recipients outside of our server.  I checked the logs and here's what I found:
* SMTP LOG: The messages were not logged
* DELIVERY LOG: The messages were logged and noted as delivered.
Has anyone else seen this behavior?

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Brian Tesene Replied
EDIT: The items show up in the sent box about 30 minutes after I initially investigated the user's claim. The emails still do not appear in the SMTP log. Am I confusing what should appear in the SMTP log? I've been administering SmarterMail for many years now...this could be a little embarrassing. :)
Rod Lasky Replied
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Hi Brian. If the user sent these messages from webmail, then those would not appear in the SMTP logs.
Rod Lasky
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SmarterTools Inc.
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Brian Tesene Replied
That's a very good point. I had assumed that all mail in and out would be logged there but I understand why it's not given that an SMTP connection to the server does not occur. Much thanks for your reply Rod.
Paul Blank Replied
30 minutes seems quite extreme, sorry to say. 30 seconds would be a long time.

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