Stop Ignoring Bounced Emails
Question asked by Jeremy Wesley - 10/6/2017 at 7:11 AM
We use Accounting@mycompany.com to send out invoices, reminders etc.. These emails are sent from our accounting system.
This email is also a ticket inbox. So customers can create tickets about, you guessed it accounting issues.
So when our accounting package sends out invoices or reminders some emails that come back from those emails do not become tickets. 
When a customers email changes or is no longer valid, It will bounce, but SmarterTrack will not create a ticket for that. 
The problem is that we have been emailing invoices to someone who is no longer at the company and didn't have any indication of this possibility as Smartertrack will create tickets for almost every other email that comes in.
Is there a way that we can allow tickets to be created like this or maybe be notified when this type of email comes in?
We use SmarterMail for our email servers.

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Gerhard Kleewein Replied
Hello guys,

we have the same problem. We need bounces for invoices we are sending out. How can we accomplish this?

Best regards,

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