How to edit an alias
Question asked by James Tlen - 10/2/2017 at 11:12 AM
How would I be able to edit an alias in the contact pane of 16.x? I am signed into the admin account but despite spending hours searching, I just cannot find any way to edit the list of emails on the allstaff alias.

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Aliases are controlled by the Domain Admin. To edit an alias:
  1. Log in with a Domain Admin account
  2. Go to Settings --> Domain Settings
  3. Click on Accounts from the side menu
  4. Click on the Aliases tab
  5. Find the alias you and to edit and then click on it
A modal opens and you'll be able add/edit/delete addresses that are included in that alias. I hope that helps.  
Derek Curtis
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James Tlen Replied
Hi Derek,

Does it ever, I can't believe I glanced over the aliases tab every time.

Thanks so much!

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