"Send Again" for messages in the sent folder
Idea shared by pjeski - 9/29/2017 at 8:47 AM
It would be nice to be able  to send a message again by hitting a button or menu item. Currently when I have to resend a message because a customer didn't receive it, I use my iPhone to "Send Again." If I want to change it significantly, I will change it slightly on the iPhone, then cancel, then save to drafts. Then I can edit it and send it from drafts.
In SM, I can move it from sent items to drafts, and then send it, but then I lose the original in the sent folder.

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+1 for this...

1) we use sendgrid for email, and had an account issue, and they drop all emails that should be sent, so sending again would be beneficial.

2) Would also be great to have this an admin function, so if above scenario happens an admin could resend all emails from all users from a datetime specified.

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