SmarterMail 16 - Folder View - Email Data Should be One Line
Idea shared by Ron Raley - 9/25/2017 at 12:59 PM
Currently, while navigating within a folder, the e-mail records show 3 lines of data and are approx 1.5 inches tall.  On the far left, there is Sender, Title, and E-mail Size.  On the far right, Date and Flag.
I highly recommend to make this ONE LINE.  Thus, a user could see 30+ e-mails on their screen versus 10.  This would also kill the tons and tons of white space within the e-mail program.
Finally, as the window is minimized -or- a mobile device is used, the data can then jump to 2 or 3 lines in a responsive manner.
Thank you for listening,

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I agree with this but also that it is too many steps to turn preview mode off/on. It is currently six steps for each:
  1. Click grid
  2. Click settings
  3. Click preview pane
  4. Click None
  5. Click Save
  6. Click mail
This should be an option right on the toolbar to turn on/off. This would go from 6 steps to 1 (2 if you decide to make it in a sub menu -- not recommended).

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