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Question asked by Mike Summitt - 9/24/2017 at 10:19 AM
I'm drowning in spam (about 500/day) so I'm trying to use content filtering to get rid of some of it.  I have a pair of rules.  The first rule looks at the from address, and if it's in a wildcarded list, then prefix the subject with SPAM-ADDRESS:.  That rule is working.  The second rule looks at the subject, and if it contains SPAM-ADDRESS:, marks the email as read and moves it to Deleted Items.
They are not in a single rule because other rules need to execute between the 2 steps, to prevent email from trusted senders from being thrown away.
The second rule does not work.  Why?
This is Smartermail Enterprise 15.5.

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John Marx Replied
We are on v16 but this I know will work with v15 as well. We started using Declude which has allowed us to eliminate a lot of the issues in the core SmarterMail product when it comes to spam filtering. Our spam is now more than cut in half since including it in our system (plus it's free).
I did a search in this forum and this one covers everything you need to know (I don't work for them -- I just use the product which we are grateful for).
Paul Blank Replied
I don't believe that SM executes more than one rule. It should be designed with a checkbox to allow continuing to the next rule, after one rule's condition is met.
Also, there's no outgoing filtering in SM, AFAIK.
Declude, as mentioned, can likely handle these issues.

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