Can we change the default mail folders?
Question asked by Christopher Erk - September 20, 2017 at 12:23 PM
Has anyone else ever struggled with this? It seems every device we connect to the server uses a different folder for deleting emails. There is "Trash", "Deleted Messages" and "Deleted Items", etc..  Is there any way to just fix this so it's always the same folder? Is there a difference between each folder?

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Merle Wait Replied
Not sure why it is an issue at the mail server side..
When I write software queries.... yes it is a pain in the arse....
(so I just code it look for any of the variances).
But other that.... why is it an issue? Is because you are porting person from server X, to server Y, and one is Deleted Messages vs. Trash?
Problem is no two email service providers are the same either...
It's necessarily an issue. Sometimes we get users calling in asking why they have 3+ trash folders. We can walk them through configuring all their devices/clients to use the same one. Was hoping there might be a way to just avoid it.

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