Performance Boost
Idea shared by John Marx - 9/20/2017 at 7:18 AM
Being that SmarterMail is web based I think this would work. The only downside would be if a company prevents users from accessing the Internet but in today's world I think that is not an issue. If it is then there should be an OPTION for users having access to the internet or not (keep as is today). What I propose is using a CDN or Content Delivery Network. Everyone talks about speed. I know partially everyone complains about local servers. What if we offload some of the files and bandwidth on those servers? 
The key here is SmarterTools (SmarterMail) is already using a CDN for the Google Fonts so let's expand upon it.
Looking at the source for just the main page I see the following that could easily be CDN and there are probably more than what I am seeing that would benefit. Being I know they use BootStrap that also would benefit. Using a CDN will also make it speed up if they used a standard CDN as many sites already use a CDN which would in-turn make SmarterMail faster.
- Google Fonts
Any CSS overrides can be local and after everything else.
This would benefit SmarterTools as well as they would know people are using the right files.

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