SM 16 16.3.6467 chrome reply to e-mail with attachement from list greyed out
Problem reported by Matthew Shepard - September 19, 2017 at 7:50 AM
We just upgraded to 16.3.6467 last night. Today we noticed that in chrome (version 60+) if we use the reply function from list view to an e-mail that has an attachement; the new email popup the whole body is greyed out (if in night mode, and blank if in regular day mode). We have found a couple work arounds:
1. If you expand the new e-mail window the greyed out will clear up
2. If you double-click on the e-mail before hitting reply and hit reply from the popup window it will work
3. If you attach an attachment to the greyed out e-mail; it will clear up

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16.3.6474 (september 22nd release) seems to have fixed this; I am no longer seeing this issue; this can be reported as fixed.

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