SM 16 16.3.6467 chrome reply to e-mail with attachement from list greyed out
Problem reported by Matthew Shepard - September 19, 2017 at 7:50 AM
We just upgraded to 16.3.6467 last night. Today we noticed that in chrome (version 60+) if we use the reply function from list view to an e-mail that has an attachement; the new email popup the whole body is greyed out (if in night mode, and blank if in regular day mode). We have found a couple work arounds:
1. If you expand the new e-mail window the greyed out will clear up
2. If you double-click on the e-mail before hitting reply and hit reply from the popup window it will work
3. If you attach an attachment to the greyed out e-mail; it will clear up

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Robert G. Replied
Do you have a screenshot of what you are getting? I'm getting customers reporting this but I haven't been able to replicate it at all.
John Marx Replied
I had this on the old version and that was our fix (open and then hit reply). Was hoping this would be in today's. If not, this is one we will be testing in about four hours.
Matthew Shepard Replied
16.3.6474 (september 22nd release) seems to have fixed this; I am no longer seeing this issue; this can be reported as fixed.

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