SmarterMail Spool Dashboard
Problem reported by John Marx - 9/19/2017 at 5:48 AM

With the latest version 16.3.6467 when looking at the spool dashboard I have several areas that are completely blank. I keep this up on my screen to look for issues before our users report them as well as keep an eye out for potential system hacks/spamming. On Saturday and Sunday I didn't consider it a problem. We have now gone through the proverbial "case of the Mondays". The spool for "Top Outbound Senders", "Top Inbound Recipients", and "Top Inbound Senders" all state "No items to show". I know this isn't the case as they have never been blank before.

Is there a way to reset this or to get the information back?



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John Marx Replied
This is now working in v16.3.6474 for us. Thank you!

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