Add time date stamp to IDS Blocks. Shortcut from IDS blocks to Blacklist
Idea shared by network admin - September 14, 2017 at 8:34 AM
One of the most annoying parts of the IDS blocks for me is I can't tell how long they have been in place or when they started.  Adding a time date stamp would make life so much easier to deal with.  Often I simply decide that the IDS block is worthy of blacklisting permanently.  I would love to have shortcuts that either I can set up or that are pre-configured that would let me jumpt to exactly where I need to go e.g. IDS Blocks to Blacklist and back, or Virus Quarantine to the Blacklist.  
Another idea I would like to throw out there is changing the Troubleshooting default starting to either SMTP log or that it always stays with whatever the last log looked at was.   

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Matt Petty Replied
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I really liked this idea so I ran with it. You'll see it our next minor which should come soon. :D
Added "Time Left" (We don't track the time a block was added)
Added "Blacklist" to the ... menu so you can mass add IPs to the blacklist.
Rules added this way will have the Blacklist description set to "IDS Block", so you know where it came from.
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