SmarterMail 16: How to change the footer of a mailing list?
Question asked by Eric Bourland - 9/10/2017 at 5:57 PM
SmarterMail 16.2.6442
Hi, friends. A client has asked me to edit the automatic footer that gets appended to all of her SmarterMail mailing list messages. This has always been easy to do in SmarterMail, up until version 16. I have looked and searched in the Mailing List editing section of SmarterMail 16, but I cannot find the interface that lets me edit the footer for email messages.
Can you give me a hint about where I should look? Thank you as always.


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Eric Bourland Replied
Hi, friends,

Does anyone have a solution to this, or should I submit a bug report to SmarterMail? The client is a patient, kind, longtime client, but she really wants me to update the mailing list footer with the correct information. Thank you for your time. Eric
Derek Curtis Replied
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Hi, Eric
Each list has it's own "Posted Message Footer" and "Posted Message Header". These are generally blank by default, but if you've upgraded, those messages may have carried over. To edit them, log in as the Domain Admin and go to the Mailing Lists area:
Settings --> Domain Settings --> Mailing Lists
Find the list whose footer you want to edit and click on it. Once the List Options load, go to the Messages tab. Look for the "Posted message footer" message and click on it. You can then edit it as needed. As an aside, there's a "Digest footer" as well for digest messages. That's separate from normal list messages...
I hope that helps. 
Derek Curtis COO SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Eric Bourland Replied
Hi, Derek! I see it now. I do not know why I did not see this before. I fixed it up for the client. Thank you as always for your kind assistance. best from Eric
Patrick Jeski Replied
Is this still the case in v17? I just enabled lists for one domain. I log in as the domain admin (which is also the list moderator) and I do not see any reference to footers on the list options. (Domain Settings->Mailing Lists->Click on the list, I'm now on the Options tab). Nothing refers to footers.

EDIT: I found it way over in Messages. Which is not intuitive since the items in messages aren't all messages, some are fragments like this.

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