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Question asked by kyle beckham - 9/9/2017 at 5:55 AM
I would like to get some feedback from the community on upgrading to SM16.  We normally would have upgraded after the first or second maintenance release but due to all of the issues SM16 was having we held off.  Wanted to see how others are feeling about it current - as in its stability now?

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Ashkan Nasiri Replied
We have 15+ Unlimited enterprise SMs and made a mistake of upgrading all of our servers to SM 16. Even now we don't know why we did it on every server but it was a mistake we have to live with it.
We COMPLETELY regret the update. It was the worst decision our company made in the 18 years of it's hosting industry presence.
It is a unstable product, has many fundamental bugs that appear on every minor release and if one bug gets fixed you can be sure that another WILL appear.
Our support is wasting many hours daily explaining to our customers that we have to wait for a possible future update that will hopefully get all the issues fixed.
But to be fair the issues are getting fixed by SmaterTools and in the near future we will mostly likely have a wonderful mail server but it isn't now. 
In the end I urge to wait until there is no more bug/problem report on SM16 and only then upgrade your Nodes.
Damir Matešić Replied
I totally agree with this. Do not upgrade to anything. For now is not a stable product and the guys from smartertools seams like are lost in time. The development, testing and releasing of new versions is simpy not working. I did open few bugs on this forum and are still not resolved for months (I count the time the product was still in beta).
The product is not usable for me and my customers. 
Jeremy Wesley Replied
We only have a few mail boxes as its just for our company email, we do not host others emails. I also agree, SmarterMail 16 is very very very unstable. I have reboot the web service a few times a week. Compared to never touching SmarterMail 15.  I keep apply every SM 16 update as soon as it comes out but nothing seems to change that affects the issues.
I am really concerned about the quality of the products now coming out of smarter tools. The lack of fixes being deployed quick suggest that there is a larger underlying issue that will take longer to fix, or in their developers inability to detect and resolve the stability issues..  We were hoping to see an awesome new SmarterTrack which is about 3 years behind almost every other support system out there, but given the stability issues with SM16 we will sadly have to hold back on our desires to deploy smarter track 13.
Derek Curtis Replied
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Jeremy, if you're having to restart IIS or the mail service, then that's indicative of some other issue. Could be something happened during the upgrade...especially considering the low number of mailboxes you have.
Derek Curtis
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