Null Sender for scheduled report at system level
Question asked by kyle beckham - September 9, 2017 at 5:53 AM
I have configured a scheduled report at the system level (admin of the server) and when this report is send the Return-Path: <> (is null sender).  Cant seem to find a way to get this resolved at the top system level.  
due to this when this report is sent to smartertrack, it is deleted due to the null sender.
08:30:08 ==================================
08:30:08 Starting Ticket Import Session For 1 Messages
08:30:08 -------------------
08:30:08 Bounced Message - Null return-path
08:30:08 Started Handling Bounced Message
08:30:08 File path\name: D:\WWW\SmarterTrack\MRS\App_Data\Spool\in-6\bb1b9e71b4594498a18ad6d2e5f847a8.eml
08:30:08 Subject: XL1 Trffic Summary
08:30:08 Thread-Topic:
08:30:08 From: "Email Report"
08:30:08 Could not find a ticket for this bounced message - Message was deleted
08:30:08 -------------------
08:30:08 Completed Ticket Import Session
08:30:08 ==================================

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